Covid-19 Protocols

Protocols to Reduce and Manage Risk

 A. Office

o   Prioritize patients and procedures according to urgency

o   Stay informed of current BC epidemiology and adjust office practices to adapt regularly and frequently

o   Where possible, minimize use of AGMP when non-AGMP alternative is available 

o   Update website regularly to inform patient of changes implemented due to Coronavirus Pandemic

o   Provide hand sanitizer near the entrance and encourage patients to perform hand hygiene

o   Signage on both patient access doors restricting access if they have respiratory symptoms

o   Use disposable barriers where possible to cover operatory equipment

o   Soap and hand sanitizer will be available throughout the office along with proper hand hygiene posters to encourage compliance

o   Removal of extraneous furnishings from the clinical area

o   Continue Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) protocol as defined by CDSBC

o   Periodic review of this document as well as the office Formal Exposure Plan to update as needed

B. Staff

o   All staff must do a Covid-19 self-assessment the day before a shift AND the morning of a shift.

o   If staff member develops symptoms during their shift, they must don or keep their mask on, perform hand hygiene, notify dentist and leave the facility as soon as it is possible

o   All staff will be expected to be cross-trained to help out members who cannot attend work due to illness

o   All clinical staff will change out of work clothes worn under PPE before leaving the office

o   Clinical shoes must be left at the office and disinfected where possible

o   Wearing non medical masks to and from work will be recommended

o   All staff will be required to be familiar with and adhere to the office Formal Exposure Control Plan

o   Breaks will be staggered as much as possible and staff are encouraged to wear their non medical masks while on break if physical distancing is not possible

o   Staff are encouraged to leave the office for lunch if physical distancing is not possible

o   Hand hygiene must be performed following office Formal Exposure Control Plan

o   No jewellery on the hands and wrists will be permitted during patient treatment

o   Use chair side air purifiers during treatment to help control environment

C. Patients

o   All patients must be screened for Covid-19 over the phone and/or email prior to their appointment

o   All patients will be instructed to report changes that will affect their Covid-19 screen and informed that they will not be permitted if symptoms are detected upon arrival

o   Attempt to complete the treatment in one visit to minimize need to return

o   Encourage patients to bring their own set of wired headphones, neck and back pillows if they require it. We will place barriers on the remote control but cannot offer the in-office headset to minimize cross-contamination